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Rachel & Dean

We used Mon Cheri studio's for our wedding and we were so impressed with their attention to detail.   Everything was put together and even more beautiful then I had imagined. Our wedding ran so smooth and we received so many compliments from our guests about how helpful and accommodating their entire team was.  My grandmother said they made her feel like royalty and her being 86 that meant a lot to me that she could be  at our wedding and  knowing that she was taken care and treated so well made me even more happier.  Thank you  to the entire Mon Cheri team for making our day beautiful and completely stress free. 

Cristina & Remo

After being a bridesmaid so many times I knew that I wanted to hire a coordinator to handle all the events of the day so I could focus on being a bride.  I am a bit of a perfectionist and I knew that If I did not hire someone to help set up and take over the details I would probably be running late on my wedding day and possible even turn into a bridezilla trying to make sure everything was perfect.   Mon Cheri was hands down the best decision that I made.  They took care of every little detail and allowed us to really enjoy our special day.  Thank you Mon Cheri for all that you did.  We look forward to using you again for our 10 year renewal! 

Shauna & Ali

Mon Cheri was great to work with on our intimate escape wedding.  I was planning everything from out of state and they handled everything.  I was a bit nervous at first not knowing what to expect but when the day came everything ran so smoothly that all I remember is spending the day with the one I love.  It truly was a fairytale.  Thank you for all that you did to make our day perfect! 

Kim & Andy

I thought I could do it all by myself but three weeks prior to my wedding I started to panic realizing that I needed more help then I had originally anticipated.  My now husband convinced me to hire a day of coordinator so I could just focus on being a bride I am so glad I listened to him.  I was a mess before I contacted Mon Cheri and they quickly jumped in and took the reins and completely and totally saved the day.  My wedding was everything I had hoped for and more Thank you Mon Cheri for all that you did.Including sewing my bustle when it broke. You truly saved the day! 

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